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Greetings from Bunker

We have added a comment feature to the blog which links directly to our brand new facebook page and twitter. Hope you enjoy the new features. We look forward to hearing from you.



Obey (SALE)

Selected Obey items are now 50% off. Come by soon as stock is very limited.



Thank you to everyone that came out yesterday to celebrate the opening of the Ronac Art Center. We are really looking forward to the great things to come in 2011. New product will also be arriving very soon so stay tuned.



Greetings from Bunker,

We are proud to invite you all to our new space, Bunker and Obey. Retaining our desire to bring you quality footwear we have now added the Obey products; including Shepard Fairey’s highly coveted artwork. We are honored to be the first retail space to be opened at the new Ronac Art Center in Greenhills. With many other establishments under construction Ronac will be a major fixture in our cities street scene. So make your way over soon.




Greetings from Bunker,

We would like to invite you to our two year anniversary celebration.

In honor of the occasion we will be releasing the first item of Bunker
clothing. Quantities are very limited and each item comes with a
commemorative souvenir. Stay tuned for further details.

We will also be having a one-day-only sale on numerous items.

Thanks to all for your support.

See you there.



Welcome to 2010! We hope that the year has greeted you well. New product has just arrived. Come by soon, stocks are always limited.


Nike Air Force 1 Hi Supreme – Eddie Cruz



Nike Terminator Hi Winter Journey Pack





Punk Attitude


Next wednesday we will be holding a FREE film screening of Punk: attitude. First come, first serve. Seats will be limited, come early.

Taken from wikipedia:

Punk: Attitude is a documentary by contemporary director Don Letts. The film explores the “punk” revolutiongenre and following from its beginning in the mid 1970’s up to its effect on modern rock music and other genres. The cast is a veritable list of alternative musicians and directors offering their opinions on what may have been the largest music revolution ever.

The film was officially released on the 25th of April 2005 at the Tribeca Film Festival in the U.S.A.


Yellow Submarine


Next wednesday we will be holding a FREE film screening of The Beatles Yellow Submarine. First come, first serve. Seats will be limited, come early.

Taken from wikipedia:

Released at the height of the psychedelic pop culture period of the 1960s, the movie Yellow Submarine was a box-office hit, drawing in crowds both for its lush, wildly creative images, and its soundtrack of Beatles songs. The original story was written by Lee Minoff, based on the song by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and the screenplay penned by four collaborators including Erich Segal. The recurring line “It’s all in the mind” is taken from The Goon Show.

As with many motion picture musicals, the music takes precedence over the actual plot, and most of the story is a series of set-pieces designed to present Beatles music set to various images, in a form reminiscent of Walt Disney‘s Fantasia (and foreshadowing the rise of music videos and MTV fifteen years later). Nonetheless, the movie still presents a modern-day fairy tale that caters to the ideals of the “love generation”.

The dialogue is littered with punsdouble entendres, and Beatles in-jokes, many scripted by poet Roger McGough. “Blue Meanies” is sometimes used as a slang term for the police, although many viewers will have missed this (see List of slang terms for police officers). The term “Blue Meanies” is actually a metaphor for bad people in government and corporations, who force their wills on good people (Pepperlanders), and carelessly deplete and ruin the natural environment, resources, colour and landscape. They are carefree about their destructive ways and will do whatever necessary to crush those (the Beatles) who oppose them.